New Years Eve Special Discount

The New Release "Blossom" for L$150!!! Only until Jan 1st!!! Then it will be back to its regular price of $425.
Hurry up and grab the limo now!

Also the Fat Pack with the four colors goes down to $600 (Regular L$1200)

Happy New Year Girls! Spread the word and fly to the Main Store


Look gorgeous when you come and when you leave


This elegant and daring outfit was produced using the finest lace on the top and a very soft and flowing black chiffon fabric on the skirt.
To give a touch of class this dress has a collar and cuffs made of flexi and glowing feathers.

Look glamorous and sexy wearing this amazing gown.
Comes in Black, White, Sapphire and Ruby.

Blossom includes:

Lace Top
Chiffon Glitching Pants
Flexi Skirt in Black Chiffon (three attachments points)
Feather Collar (Two versions. Both versions modifiable, one of them scripted, for easy resize.)
Feather Cuffs

And a new gift for group members!

This purse made of brocade in black with silver buckles is the perfect accessory for your favorite gown. Remember to wear your tag before touching the sign. Enjoy!


Be glamorous with "Glam"

This elegant "siren look" gown has been specially released for this Holiday Season.
Glam will make you look sophisticated and elegant at any kind of event, specially on balls.

Featuring satin and fine feathers in six different colors, Glam includes:

Satin Top
Satin Glitching Pants
Satin Skirt
Prim Flexi Skirt in Satin
Black Gloves
Two breathtaking collars made with the finest feathers. Both versions modifiable, and one of them scripted, for easy re-size.

**Cloth Layers: TRANSFER

To keep the prices on your budget, "Glam in Ruby" can be found on Xstreet at 50% OFF!!!

Only L$250!!! Follow this link here.

Let me remind you "Grizzelda in Red" (Special Edition) is 50% OFF as well on Xstreet. Only L$175!!!

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

Amyth, a magic winter wedding gown

In association with "Ethereal Sensations Weddings", PurpleMoon is developing a new section exclusively for brides.
Amyth is the first gown released which can be combined with many of the different bouquets ESW has to offer.

Amyth comes in White, BabyAqua and BabyPink

This magical gown was inspired in the many weddings we see on SL even on winter time! It might be the Christmas Spirit, who knows?
Actually this is a gorgeous gown that can be wear at any occasion. Feminine and elegant featuring exquisite lace and embroidery crystal organza.
It includes semi-transparent lingerie that will spice your honeymoon or that "special night" in a sassy way.


Flexi Gown featuring Embroidery Crystal Organza
Corset in Lace (Top and Bottom Pieces)
Semi - Transparent Lingerie in Lace (Undershirt and Underpants)
Stockings with Lace and Garters
Sculpted Vest in Embroidery Crystal Organza*
Sculpted Sleeves in Embroidery Crystal Organza and Lace*

EXTRA ITEM INCLUDED: A pair of "Satine" stilettos in white!!!

**Cloth Layers: TRANSFER

*Keep in mind, vest and sleeves have been made with many sculpted prims and might not fit all avatar sizes at the first try. They might need little adjustments. Thank you.


Go dancing with *Mia*!

This beautiful gown comes in eight different colors. Includes a sequined top, black pants and gloves; a flowing gown featuring crystal organza in black, matching sculpted black stilettos and if you decide not to wear the gown, the black pants will become a gorgeous pair of Capri adding the sculpted cuffs included in the pack.
Fat Pack available too =)

*Diva* a perfect cocktail dress

Another wonderful dress specially design for a cocktail event. Includes a sequined top and glitch pants with a sexy open cut on the side. The skirt comes in two options, with or without the sculpted flowers on the waist. Also, there is a flowered neckline matching the colors of the outfit and one sleeve featuring lace fabric. As like most of our outfits, *Diva* includes matching pumps as well. Fat Pack available too, including five colors.



For the gentlemen in SL

It took me a while to put everything together, but here it is. A cozy complete outfit for this fall. Take a look guys you get the chance to be charming and warm for only L$495. The coat is completely re-sizable, anyway I would recommend to try the DEMO version first. Comes with shoes and bag as well. A must have for this fall!

Take the limo HERE See ya!!!

This is a proper attire for the man in town, a professional, a businessman, who needs to be sophisticated and elegant but young and daring.

It includes black denim pants, with a v-neck dark grey sweater that features an argyle pattern in black and blue / black and red / black and green / black and grey.

The most relevant piece of this outfit is the velvet coat. All the coat has been made with sculpted prims and some flexi ones at the bottom. The velvet is warm and sophisticated, working perfectly for this young businessman. Comes with many buckles and straps to close the coat when the winter approaches.

Also, this coat comes in two different versions. Both Modify and Transfer, but one of them, includes a friendly resizer menu to adjust the coat to your shape. Keep in mind, this coat has been made with many sculpted prims and might not fit all avatar sizes, try our DEMO version first =)

To complete this outfit, we added a crocodile leather suitcase. This time we choose a grey version of this leather to match with the rest of the outfit. The suitcase has a long strap to hang on the shoulder and a small handle to carry in his hand.

We selected from the same accessories collection, the crocodile leather shoes in grey.

The businessman has everything he needs to be a successful professional, showing an image of confidence and youth.


New Free Gift at PM!

Only for group members the new release "Diva". Simple and sophisticated cocktail dress featuring sequins in purple, and asymmetric top with only one sleeve and a sexy open cut on the skirt.

Come and grab it!!!

Also our New Collection of Pumps is available too. Only $100 and you get an exclusive pair of sculpted shoes with diamonds and sculpted flowers, choose your favorite color!

The store keeps growing, we will keep you posted about the upcoming events.

To Join PurpleMoon Creations, copy and paste on your Local Chat and follow the link: secondlife:///app/group/3189ce5a-e910-a489-a440-66795044b031/about

Hope you are having a wonderful day!


Winning design of Round 6 at "SL's Next Top Designer"

Only three designers left! We are going to the finals!!! At this round we had to design two male outfits. This is one of them: Xavier. Already available at PurpleMoon Creations in many different colors for only L$475. Includes everything! Take a look at the pictures and the description.

Guys, we don't forget about you! We know you want to wear fancy clothes too! This is your chance! Hope you like them. Soon the second outfit will be available too. See ya!

This attire consists of a chenille sweater with sculpted turtleneck and cuffs.
Cloth pants also in the range of color, very warm, loose, with several pockets on the sides and back.These pockets are crafted with great detail on the metal buckles and straps.

Regarding the accessories, it includes a chenille cap matching the sweater, a brocade scarf stands up and highlights this outfit with a touch of glamour.It has many metal chains with flexi fringes at the end.

To complete this outfit, we added a crocodile leather cross backpack. This luxurious item has several pockets and many details to make it suitable for the urban guy needs and perfectly matches the shoes which feature crocodile leather as well.

This outfit is ideal for today's man. Casual but with attention to detail.


Back to the 90's with "Tartan"

Back to the 90's! Grunge fashion was one of the most significant events in 1990's. The rise of grunge fashion coincided with the rise to mainstream popularity of grunge music from Seattle. Plaid fabrics, tights, leg warmers, and layers and layers of clothes.

This outfit commemorates the grunge of the 90's. A plaid kilt in black and white with a leather belt, many pockets on the back adorned with ribbons, pins and safety pins. Underneath, black warm tights, matching stockings and leg warmers in a black knitted fabric. These leg warmers are adorned with ribbons and safety pins as well.

This outfit also includes the famous sneakers matching the plaid fabric of the skirt.

Following the multiple layer tendency, it comes with a white tank top under another black handcrafted painted top and a black fluffy jacket on the top.

Regarding the accessories, this outfit includes a sculpted bag with many pockets, ribbons, pins and metal buckles. A beautiful silver necklace lights up the face with black and silver beads. On the neck you will wear an old fashion headset, ready to listen the Nirvana's tunes on the cd player you will carry on your belt.

Ribbons and bands adorned the arms and all of it topped with a crocheted black cap. And the hair is also included!

It will be available in more colors very soon!

You can find it inworld and on Xstreet for only L$475!!!


The Black Swan

The term Black Swan comes from the 17th century European assumption that 'All swans are white'. In that context, a black swan was a symbol for something that was impossible or could not exist.
The use of sculpted prims in this dress tries to reach the "impossible", sculpted and flexi prims combined to show that a nice gown could be done.

This outfit comes with black striped royal silk ruffles that gracefully sweep along, ideal for a red carpet affair. The strapless empire gown with two rich rows of royal black silk ruffles.

As a Hollywood star, a layer of glowing stars surround her, giving magic and mystery to this outfit.
No need for the flash of cameras, brightness is already with her.

Topped with a smart but fun hat and glowing prim eyelashes to complete the ensemble.
This outfil will be sold only on request.


3rd Round: Fantasy Task!

Third Round at "SL Next Fashion Designer Challenge" organized by Model with Curves Fashion District.
First, the task for this week:


And this is what I came out with:

The "Phoenix" is a mythical bird with a colorful plumage of gold and scarlet. It has a 500 to 1,000 year life-cycle, near the end of which it builds itself a nest of myrrh twigs that then ignites; both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a new, young phoenix, reborn anew to live again. The new phoenix is destined to live as long as its old self.

Poulet's vision of this mythical bird is a complete outfit from head to toe. Including the flexi fire hair, sculpted wings and swirls in gold. Also a gleaming collar, bracelets and sculpted shinning prims along with flexi feathers and fire effects to complete this ensemble.

Sculpted and glowing fire embraces this outfit on the waist and feet. The skirt has the flowing effect as the phoenix's tail.

The sculpted sandals and shin guards gives the dramatic energy this mythical bird deserves.

The whole outfit for only L$425. I can't wait to see you at the Store!
We released two versions, in Gold and Silver. Hope you like them!


New Releases at PurpleMoon!

"Avenue", this new ouftit belons to "Fall Collection 2009". Comes in Forest Green, Black & White and Pink. Sculpted Collar and Sleeves made with a knitted warm fabric. A soft and flowing Skirt completes this fabulous dress.
It comes also with two extra under skirt pieces that will make your skirt look more realistic when you are sitting. The whole skirt won't go inside the chair, part of it, will lay gently on your legs.
This "chic" and glamorous dress for only L$225.
Modify and Transfer.

You can find it at our Store
Hope to see you there!
More new releases coming soon!