This new gown is the most versatile piece you will ever own! All the components of the ensemble can be worn separate to create multiple looks! It includes a top, a skirt, a bolero, a BOM layer and an optional "old fashion" flowing flexible skirt. The mesh parts are compatible with Maitreya, Legacy, Freya and Kupra.
There are 15 colors to pick from and they are offered 25% OFF for group members only, fatpack included in the sale! 

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 Feeling a little nostalgic and missing having something new in my closet but vintage. This peplum dress style is romantic and timeless. Find it 16 shades to choose from (lots of trendy spring shades), compatible with Maitreya, Freya and Legacy.
Of course, 25% OFF for group members only! 

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Charlotte v2


We are bringing back a new version of a well loved release from way back then. More colours to choose from, compatible with more bodies than before, more detailed textures and materials enabled.

Each denim colour includes 5 embroidery options: white, beige, violet, blue and pink. It also comes in two lengths to wear with flats or high heels. 

25% off for Group members until March 26th.

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 Mix & Match with Dominique! This beautiful set of jumpsuit and fur jacket allows for multiple combinations. Pick out of 8 colors for the jumpsuit and match it with your choice of 15 faux-fur shades!
Try the demo to see all the possible combinations.
Compatible with Maitreya, Legacy and Freya. 

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 Right on time for your Valentine's parties this is Octavia!

Octavia is compatible with Maitreya, Freya, Kupra and Legacy bodies. It comes in 19 fabulous colors to choose from or get them all.
You will find v1 and v2 in the packs, these versions feature the texture of the skirt in two different transparent modes, blend and mask. Depending on the environment one option might look better than the other, you decide :)
Singles and fatpack are all 25% OFF for group members only for a week!  

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New release 25% Off for Group Members only for a week, wear your group tag.

This lounge set includes mesh top and trousers compatible with Maitreya, Legacy and Freya. Find also in the pack a matching lacy cami in a traditional BOM layer. There are 10 colors to choose from! 


Launching our pm Boutique!


Hello lovely ladies!
After such a fun Holiday Season and with your fabulous feedback, I had a lot of thinking to do and a lot to be thankful for.
The world has changed, reality is different for most of us, sadly the real world doesn't seem to be a fun place right now. I missed having a creative outlet, meet people from all over the world, have fun and games. I had that with SL and I want it back!
My real job is quite demanding so I wont be able to do as many things as we used to but this is what my plan looks like, I hope you like it:

* I am keeping pm open as a small boutique instead of a full sim
* I will be releasing occasional group gifts, I will run group games such as lucky chairs, midnight manias, etc.
* I am updating the vending system but I am keeping a redelivery terminal for items purchased with the older system.
* The new vending system will allow to have special sales for group members only :)
* I have a list of remakes / updates I will try to pull through
* To keep it manageable I will be creating mostly for Maitreya, Freya, Legacy bodies and BOM layers << I want to bring these back!
* Originality: all my items will always be original. That being said my idea of original needs to be explained because it doesn't seem to match the standards of many other stores / events, etc. I do not know or have the time to learn how to model items but I do know how to use Photoshop inside out. My textures will always be original, hand drawn by me in PS. I will use models created by some other artists. Those models could be publicly distributed or exclusively commissioned by me.
* Events: I doubt I will be participating in any of them, I would rather keep everything in-house.
* Hunts and games: I will try to run them as often as I can.

I think this covers most of the questions you might have but I am always available if you have more! Just drop me a note. 

Now to the fun stuff!
Boutique LM
Holidays Group Gift still up
Lucky Chairs for Group Members Only: 17 prizes are currently loaded in the chairs, wear your group tag and wait for your letter!
What's new? New release 25% Off for Group Members only for a week! Check it out!