Fiesta is the new release to celebrate the New Year! This dress includes 5 metallic options with materials and glow customizations.
The headband is included in two versions, with and without fireworks. Fireworks are also available as stand alone pieces you can rez for decoration.
HUD included to control the color options. Dress compatible with Maitreya+Petite, Legacy+Perky, Reborn+Juicy, GenX Classic+Curvy and Kupra+Kups
Happy 2023!





Child's Wish Update


I decided to revamp the two versions of "A Child's Wish" outfit I made for my daughter while ago. They both now are compatible with Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Legacy, Legacy Perky, Legacy Nerido, Reborn, Reborn Juicy, Belleza Classic, Belleza Curvy, Kupra and Kupra Kups

Like before the massive skirt is not rigged and can be resized to fit your shape. The avatar complexity runs quite high on this outfit but I hope it's well worth it!
*Please note: If you have previously purchased the original version please hit the redelivery kiosk for a free update. If your purchase was before 2022 be sure you use the station next to the vendor in the store. (BSM system and not CasperVend system)




Noelle is a festive outfit that features a poof-y skirt, top, undies and matching boots. Compatible with Maitreya, Legacy + Perky and Reborn.
There is also a separate accessory pack that works perfectly with the Noelle outfit but can also add some fun to any other holiday look!



Black Friday Sale


Black Friday Sale is starting early!
From Nov 21 to Nov 26 enjoy 50% OFF your favorite items!
All single products will give you an instant rebate of 50% off the regular price! Fatpacks have been discounted 25-30% off on top of the already reduced price, no rebates on these. Enjoy the sale!
*Main Store ONLY!  
*No Group required




Stay cozy this winter with Aspen's plaids and leathers. 15 plaids and 15 leather shades to mix and match. The whole outfit includes oversized sleeves flannel sweater, leather pants with optional belt and tip toe sneakers. Buy separate packs or all in one for a better deal.

Compatible with Maitreya + Petite, Legacy + Perky and Reborn bodies.Exclusive at Sense from November 18th to December 8th




Exclusive for WIP - Until Nov 22nd
This set of strapless dress and separate sleeves comes in multiple color packs and features multiple design combinations. From lace to sparky details, customize at will!
Compatible to Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Legacy, Legacy Perky, Reborn, Kupra Orig, Low and Bimbo.
Materials enabled would give full effects but textures have been carefully crafted to look great even on the lowest settings.


Keep Calm and Give Me Candy Hunt #4


This hunt takes place in a very dark forest where there used to be a carnival long time ago but the owners, who live close by, haven't been seen in ages.

Explore the outdoors, the tent, the house, even the live music show that's still playing!

You are looking for 10 skull faced mugs, like the one in the poster above.

This hunt is for group members only! Wear your tags and find the mugs hidden all over the forest. (Don't try searching by name, they have very weird ones lol)

Have lots of fun!
Use this LM to find the location or use the teleporter in the store.

Halloween at pm


On Fire is our new Halloween Group Gift, Fantasy meets glam in this burning hot gift!

Queen Of Hearts is an exclusive release for Halloween. Includes dress, shoes with stockings, crown and playing cards. Dress comes in a bloody version too. Compatible with Maitreya, Legacy and Reborn. 

Catrina is another special release, Includes dress, shoes, sleeves and headpiece. Color HUD included to customize some details. Compatible with Maitreya, Legacy and Reborn.

Wear your group tags and stop by the store!


Mad Hatter


Getting ready for Halloween, I am releasing my version of the Mad Hatter. She is compatible with Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Legacy, Legacy Perky, Reborn and Kupra
The whole outfit is included from head to feet, including en EVOX compatible make up (with my deepest apologies to the makeup artists out there, this was hard!)
The Mad Hatter comes in two versions, one that includes the whole outfit in one color combination shown in the first picture and another multiple pack with lots of color options to create your own version! (HUD shown on second picture) 

Find it exclusively at WIP





Hana is an asian inspired dress and sandals. The dress features brocade prints in multiple colors and a very revealing open side. The matching sandals are super high heels with the option of matching print or plain leather color. Heavily reduced fatpacks for both items. Compatible with Maitreya, Legacy and Reborn.

Only available for now at WIP Event




This time is all about FANTASY! Meet Trixy, a lovely fairy full of magic and pizazz! Pick one of the 6 fairies: Trixy of the Sun, Trixy of the Water, Trixy of the Dark, Trixy of the Fall, Trixy of the Forest and Trixy of the Summer. Or simply get the big pack and create your own with hundreds of possible combinations!
Full outfit is included: Tiara, Top and Skirt, Gloves and Bento Wings with a HUD with poses and animations for your wings!
Try the demo available for Legacy, Maitreya and Reborn bodies. As always 25% FOR GROUP MEMBERS ONLY!

TP here





This new gown is the most versatile piece you will ever own! All the components of the ensemble can be worn separate to create multiple looks! It includes a top, a skirt, a bolero, a BOM layer and an optional "old fashion" flowing flexible skirt. The mesh parts are compatible with Maitreya, Legacy, Freya and Kupra.
There are 15 colors to pick from and they are offered 25% OFF for group members only, fatpack included in the sale! 

Your taxi here




 Feeling a little nostalgic and missing having something new in my closet but vintage. This peplum dress style is romantic and timeless. Find it 16 shades to choose from (lots of trendy spring shades), compatible with Maitreya, Freya and Legacy.
Of course, 25% OFF for group members only! 

:: pm ::





Charlotte v2


We are bringing back a new version of a well loved release from way back then. More colours to choose from, compatible with more bodies than before, more detailed textures and materials enabled.

Each denim colour includes 5 embroidery options: white, beige, violet, blue and pink. It also comes in two lengths to wear with flats or high heels. 

25% off for Group members until March 26th.

:: pm ::




 Mix & Match with Dominique! This beautiful set of jumpsuit and fur jacket allows for multiple combinations. Pick out of 8 colors for the jumpsuit and match it with your choice of 15 faux-fur shades!
Try the demo to see all the possible combinations.
Compatible with Maitreya, Legacy and Freya. 

:: pm ::




 Right on time for your Valentine's parties this is Octavia!

Octavia is compatible with Maitreya, Freya, Kupra and Legacy bodies. It comes in 19 fabulous colors to choose from or get them all.
You will find v1 and v2 in the packs, these versions feature the texture of the skirt in two different transparent modes, blend and mask. Depending on the environment one option might look better than the other, you decide :)
Singles and fatpack are all 25% OFF for group members only for a week!  

pm store