Jackie for Spookzilla Hunt - October 20th - November 1st


The 11th annual Spookzilla Hunt is now open to the public! No tag needed to enter! 313 participating stores, 3-5 prizes from each brand, hidden in the depths of hell for ONLY 25L or less!  

Watch for the hunt key (little pink ghost) and find all 4 pieces of these unique ensemble, L$25 each! 



Keep Calm And GIve Me Candy Hunt #5


🎃🎃Keep Calm and Give Me Candy Hunt 5 it's back! 🎃🎃

To continue the tradition that PurpleMoon started in 2014, the Keep Calm and Give me Candy Hunt is back!
This hunt, as always, is exclusive to group members so get those tags ready or join us if you haven't yet 😉 ***

You will be looking for 8 cake pops like the one in the poster. Each of them contains a part of Samara. She is a humble homage to Tim Burton's characters.

Samara has been created with beautiful bright colors, crafted with lots of details and the ensemble is composed of many pieces. Each cake pop holds part of it, you need to find them all to complete the look!

There are no hints given. They are easy to find and this is more for the fun of it than anything else. All cake pops are hidden inside PurpleMoon Main Store Main Level and are named weird so you can't cheat with the area search feature 😛

Remember, it is MANDATORY to HAVE FUN!



Exclusive for Sense Event
Oct 18th to Nov 8th
I keep having fun with my rendition to the amazingly creative mind of Tim Burton.
Stitched is a complete outfit that includes dress, panties, hyper high heels, bow tie, wings and eye mask. Compatible with Maitreya, Legacy, Reborn + Waifu, Genx Classic and Curvy.









 ♥ New at Cosmopolitan ♥
This super tight fit pencil skirt was made to match the previously released Rowan top though it is super versatile and can be combined with so many pieces!
Be sure to try the demo, the fit of this skirt doesn't allow for errors, be sure you are comfortable with it. 🙂
Compatible with Maitreya, Legacy, Reborn, and GenX classic and curvy.


 ♥ New at WIP ♥
First Halloween release of the season!
It is not just another witch! It can go from super sexy to spooky terrifying in a heartbeat!
Multiple parts compose this ensemble and can be added or removed as needed. It even includes wearable candles!
Compatible with Maitreya, Legacy, Reborn, Genx Classic and Curvy. Some add-ons are not rigged and some are flex. Try it!