Cherries on Top Hunt - A Valentine's event at PurpleMoon

10 cherries have been hidden at PurpleMoon Main Store
Find them and taste the sweetness of their fabulous treasures!

1- This hunt is free and open to public (no group membership required)
2- The object you are looking for is a pair of cherries with a steam and leaf on the top (like the sample located at the entrance)
3- To receive the gift, simple touch the cherries. You will be given an object that can be worn to unpack.
4- The cherries are numbered from 1 to 10.
5- There are no hints given. They are easy to find and this is more for the fun of it than anything else. They are only hidden at the FIRST FLOOR of the Main Store (8 cherries) and in the BOHO HOUSE (2 cherries), across the garden.
6- The cherries hanging of the ceiling are an indicator that there are cherries hidden in that room.
7- It is MANDATORY to HAVE FUN! =P Bring your friends, family, loved ones and enjoy!

With love,
Poulet Koenkamp and PurpleMoon Team
Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Etherea/110/76/1366


Valentine's Limited Edition

To get us started on the Valentine's spirit we are releasing today three LIMITED EDITION gowns and one LIMITED EDITION set of jewels.
Specially made to fit the Valentine's theme in cherries and magentas.
Only 50 copies of each will be sold and they are even more affordable than the regular editions!

Available at PurpleMoon Main Store
PurpleMoon Oficial Blog
PurpleMoon Oficial Facebook Page


PM Monogram bag

Our first signature bag is out! A must have for any PM fan, the first leather bag of the brand with its own monogram. And it's MESH! Available in lots of colors!

Available at PurpleMoon Main Store
PurpleMoon Oficial Blog
PurpleMoon Oficial Facebook Page


New & Exclusive items at TTB II

The third edition of TTB II is ready! As always, awesome quality items from your favorite designer! (Some new designers this edition! )
New and exclusive: Our first signature bag! A must have for any PM fan, the first leather bag of the bran with its own monogram. And it's MESH!
And also, get your retro look complete with this cat eye glasses! Fully sculpted, menu driven, three lenses options, 7 metal accents, 2 wood colors to mix and match!
Your ride: http://slurl.com/secondlife/PurpleMoon/37/222/22

Ser Hairstyle for Where is the Concert? Hunt

Starting today is the Where Is The Concert?HUNT... visit 52 locations and get cool free stuff and then when finished you get into a group that allows you exclusive access to back to back live video concerts featuring Mankind Tracer & The Follow... start at any location!

More info: http://slconcerthunt.blogspot.com/
Our location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Etherea/108/76/1366
Our hint: "Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue."


PurpleMoon @ Fashionably Late

I've been invited to join the "Fashionably Late" event as a guest this week. This edition only last a week!
Hope you like what I've done. A new and exclusive set of necklace and earrings named "Grant". Featuring brand new stone textures, like turquoise, malachite, tiger eye and many more. Each set includes 7 metal options to match your outfits!
Enjoy the visit!


The Tropicalia Bazaar is back!

After a few days of rest the Tropicalia Bazaar is back! Better than ever!
Wonderful items from your favourite designers at amazing prices.
Not to be missed!
For this edition I released a new necklace with multiple metal options and a MESH baggy pant that comes in 4 different sizes. Also, there is a demo available!
Your ride: slurl.com/secondlife/Reale/87/98/60
Enjoy, Poulet



First jewels of the year!

Completely new handcrafted textures, bright colors, multiple options on each set. A new concept that I've been exploring working with different elements and shapes. On this set, it's all about cubes.
Each set includes Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet and Ring.
It features a driven menu that will allow you to choose from 7 different metal options. The scripts works as a remote allowing to change all the pieces you are wearing at the same time.
It also includes standard options as: resizing, full bright and glow.
The scripts can also be deleted after customization. 

Already available at the Marketplace and at out Main Store inworld.


Also available at PurpleMoon Main Store
PurpleMoon Oficial Blog
PurpleMoon Oficial Facebook Page

First Gown of the year!

I am very happy to announce our first release of the year! We have a new wonderful gown named after Rusalka Callisto. One of our lovely in store models and a wonderful woman.
Very sophisticated, rich textures, daring combination of colors. You will for sure not get unnoticed while wearing this gown.
Thank you so much Rusa and Magissa Denver for her beautiful picture. (First one on this post)
Thank you Wetcat Flux for the wonderful poses! This set of poses will be available soon.
This wonderful gown can be found at the Marketplace and our Main Store.

Marketplace Links:

Also available at PurpleMoon Main Store
PurpleMoon Oficial Blog
PurpleMoon Oficial Facebook Page