First jewels of the year!

Completely new handcrafted textures, bright colors, multiple options on each set. A new concept that I've been exploring working with different elements and shapes. On this set, it's all about cubes.
Each set includes Necklace, Earrings, Bracelet and Ring.
It features a driven menu that will allow you to choose from 7 different metal options. The scripts works as a remote allowing to change all the pieces you are wearing at the same time.
It also includes standard options as: resizing, full bright and glow.
The scripts can also be deleted after customization. 

Already available at the Marketplace and at out Main Store inworld.


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  1. These are absolutely gorgeous Poulet! For jewellrey, especially bolder ones like this I really like to see it on a model though, to judge if it will work on me rather than just products pics. Can the instore models do that? Anyways.. these are very, very beautiful. Thank you for all your amazing creations.