I Do!

If you are ready to say it, we have the perfect wedding dress for you! Different, special, unique and affordable. Haute Couture to Everyone.

Dressing you up form head to toe, here they come, Jadis and Zara. Two gorgeous wedding gowns for that special day.

Jadis in White & Silver

This wedding dress has been made using the best lace and feathers we could found.
This dress shows all the magic and glamor PurpleMoon represents.

It is a unique design for women who want to look radiant on their
wedding day. This bride will not go unnoticed and will remain etched in
the memories of everyone present.
Includes soft glittering top and matching pants, and sexy stockings
with garters. All the prim parts are resizable for perfect fit.


Corset in White (Top and Bottom Pieces in four layers)
Stockings with Lace and Garters
Two skirt versions:
Flexi Skirt featuring White Lace
Flexi Skirt featuring White Lace and Trail of Ostrich Feathers and Metal tentacles
Two Collar Versions:
Sculpted Collar with Roses and a few feathers
Sculpted Collar with Roses, feathers all around and a fan of Ostrich Feathers and Metal tentacles

***All these prim parts are scripted with a friendly re-size menu to adjust them to your shape

Zara in White

This dress was completely done in white tulle with dots. Many layers of this soft and gauzy fabric make you look like a soft cloud walking through the crowd, almost like floating.
It combines elegance and simplicity.
It includes two different options for the skirt depending on your
taste. Underneath you will wear top and skirt layers made in white

We have also added a veil made of tulle that it arises from a silver
tiara that matches the necklace, which comes in the pack as well.

Delicate fingerless gloves with bows at the end give a playful touch to this outstanding and unforgettable weding gown.


Top, Bottoms and Skirt Pieces in all layers
Four attachments for the Long Skirt, One for the Short version. But... play with the pieces you might get a different option!
Fingerless Gloves
Bows for Gloves
Tiara with Veil

**Prim Parts: COPY & MODIFY
**Cloth Layers: COPY
More colors of both outfits will be available soon.


The latest release: Zasha

Do you want to look glamorous? Check this out.
Zasha is a bright and colorful gown.
This draped siren look dress will make you feel ready to get unwrapped!
Includes a strapless top, glitching pants, skirt layer, flexi prims
and...!!!!! a gorgeous necklace and bangles!!!!! This jewelery has been
made with gold and many different colorful stones to match your dress.
Zasha is available in seven colors.


New release: Isabella

Part of the Vintage Collection Winter 2010, is a complete ideal attire for women in town. This "city style" outfit features a warm wool sweater with a delicate roll-neck collar and cuffs. This sweater can be used tuck in or untucked, since all layers are included. Also includes a high-waisted sculpted skirt of the same material that culminates with a belt and bows in black leather. The high-waisted pants and tight to the body were made using bright and colorful vintage patterns. To complete the outfit we've included our most recent launch in footwear and handbags. Both made out of black leather with accents of gold are included in your purchase.

As always, dressing you up form head to toe.

Isabella comes also in Red, Purple & Beige, Green, Blue & Red and Sienna. Touch the pictures to see the other colors:


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The Red Door in conjunction with SL Sorority Phi Rho Epsilon (PhiRe) and SL Fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma (AXS) (a combined Greek family known as AOP which reaches out beyond SL to RL circumstances to help families in need) is asking for your support in an important cause.

In the wake of recent events, we are raising funds for the victims of Haiti. 100% of funds raised are forwarded to YELE HAITI EARTHQUAKE FUND!

PurpleMoon has donated an original one-of-a-kind design to auction: Monique. Active bidding has begun! 10K Already!!!

For early bidding join “THE RED DOOR” on Moolto.com (http://moolto.ning.com/group/thereddoor) and RSVP to the event FIERCEnFASHION CHARITY FASHION AUCTION
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Thank you Shop*gasm!

Roselynn Darkstone, Suitelady DeCuir and Kilolo Jenkins created Shop*gasm Blog. In their own words, "Shop*gasm is a creation from the twisted warped mind of at least 2 people with shopping a.d.d. and the mind of one person who loves to tag along and will one day have a computer fast enough to keep up"

Today they have posted an amazing review about PurpleMoon Creations and the new outfit "Lola"
Follow this link to read the article: http://shopgasm.blogspot.com/2010/02/romantic-in-red.html

Thank you girls for the great post!