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This lounge set includes mesh top and trousers compatible with Maitreya, Legacy and Freya. Find also in the pack a matching lacy cami in a traditional BOM layer. There are 10 colors to choose from! 


Launching our pm Boutique!


Hello lovely ladies!
After such a fun Holiday Season and with your fabulous feedback, I had a lot of thinking to do and a lot to be thankful for.
The world has changed, reality is different for most of us, sadly the real world doesn't seem to be a fun place right now. I missed having a creative outlet, meet people from all over the world, have fun and games. I had that with SL and I want it back!
My real job is quite demanding so I wont be able to do as many things as we used to but this is what my plan looks like, I hope you like it:

* I am keeping pm open as a small boutique instead of a full sim
* I will be releasing occasional group gifts, I will run group games such as lucky chairs, midnight manias, etc.
* I am updating the vending system but I am keeping a redelivery terminal for items purchased with the older system.
* The new vending system will allow to have special sales for group members only :)
* I have a list of remakes / updates I will try to pull through
* To keep it manageable I will be creating mostly for Maitreya, Freya, Legacy bodies and BOM layers << I want to bring these back!
* Originality: all my items will always be original. That being said my idea of original needs to be explained because it doesn't seem to match the standards of many other stores / events, etc. I do not know or have the time to learn how to model items but I do know how to use Photoshop inside out. My textures will always be original, hand drawn by me in PS. I will use models created by some other artists. Those models could be publicly distributed or exclusively commissioned by me.
* Events: I doubt I will be participating in any of them, I would rather keep everything in-house.
* Hunts and games: I will try to run them as often as I can.

I think this covers most of the questions you might have but I am always available if you have more! Just drop me a note. 

Now to the fun stuff!
Boutique LM
Holidays Group Gift still up
Lucky Chairs for Group Members Only: 17 prizes are currently loaded in the chairs, wear your group tag and wait for your letter!
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