The sexy and romantic "Lola"

Lola, the perfect outfit for this winter. Made entirely with cashmere wool, it feels soft and warm on the skin. Includes embroidered flowers at the bottom of the skirt and sleeves.

It is a very versatile outfit that offers different options. Can be used with the mini skirt for a sexy look combined with the flexi sleeves or the sculpted cuffs. For a more innocent and romantic look you can use the flexi skirt with several layers.

As always, PurpleMoon likes to dress you from head to toe: Lola includes a black leather belt with a resizer script and the "Lolita" boots also in black leather. It also includes our new release on jewelry: Rita, a two rounds necklace of black pearls that falls gently on your back. And as always, the whole package at a very affordable price.

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Lola comes in Black, Red, Pink, SkyBlue, Champagne and White. You can find the "Lolita" boots in other 10 colors as well.

Hope to see you soon!


Launch offer, ONLY L$325!!!

This dress has been inspired by my mother, Carmen. A spanish woman daring, bold, full of energy and strength. This dress tries to show that personality in the use of a fabric so sophisticated and eye-catching as is the velvet. In this case, velvet embroidered with flowers. The skirt has been made with this velvet and a second layer of tulle and lace.

The combination of these fabrics give this dress a confident and slight flow.

To complete the outfit we include a shawl in satin and tulle, topped with a brooch with flowers and feathers.

Items included:
Glitch Pants
Double layer Skirt
Sculpted Shawl with flowers and feather (Scripted for easy re-size and perfect fit)

Carmen comes in Black, Blue, Red, Pink, Turquoise and Green

ONLY L$325 each. I'll see you there: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Etherea/116/50/1202 Hurry!!!


New release and free gift!

Another option for this winter, part of the Vintage collection is Laila. This outfit will make you look cute and sexy at the same time. The use of warm fabrics combined with soft tulle make this dress unique.
The skirt piece made with sculpted prims and flexi ones, are scripted for easy resize and perfect fit.
It also includes two pairs of sleeves. A pair attach to your shoulders and the other pair to your upper arm. You don't need to wear both pairs, we provide you to different options so you can choose the one that suits better to your shape and your AO.
Tops and glitch pants included as well as a glamorous capeline, adorned with sculpted flowers and tulle.
We include in the pack a FREE beautiful necklace featuring black pearls and YES the matching leather boots are included FOR FREE TOO!


A must have black top. Sexy and classic. Works with everything. You will be all dressed up with this top!
Wear your PurpleMoon tag and grab it!

We are waiting for you: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Etherea/116/50/1202

Also, Laila comes in: Black, Red, Purple, Green, Brown, Blue and White


Vintage Collection: Norah

Norah is the first outfit released for the New ••••VINTAGE COLLECTION••••.
Made using the typical patterns on fabrics so characteristic of what has been called vintage fashion.
This outfit offers different options. The centerpiece of the outfit is the short jacket with leather belt around the waist and black fur at the collar and cuffs. This coat has a provocative neckline but at the same time is a very warm and cozy item ideal for this winter. Belt and bottom flexis are scripted for easy re-size and perfect fit.
Norah includes a sexy black catsuit to wear under the coat.... or not. It can also be used separately or in combination with the collar and cuffs. It is your choice.

And if you want to stand out and wear this outfit for that special night or date, we include a black pleated chiffon skirt. This skirt has several layers that give it a very elegant and sophisticated flow.