The sexy and romantic "Lola"

Lola, the perfect outfit for this winter. Made entirely with cashmere wool, it feels soft and warm on the skin. Includes embroidered flowers at the bottom of the skirt and sleeves.

It is a very versatile outfit that offers different options. Can be used with the mini skirt for a sexy look combined with the flexi sleeves or the sculpted cuffs. For a more innocent and romantic look you can use the flexi skirt with several layers.

As always, PurpleMoon likes to dress you from head to toe: Lola includes a black leather belt with a resizer script and the "Lolita" boots also in black leather. It also includes our new release on jewelry: Rita, a two rounds necklace of black pearls that falls gently on your back. And as always, the whole package at a very affordable price.

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Lola comes in Black, Red, Pink, SkyBlue, Champagne and White. You can find the "Lolita" boots in other 10 colors as well.

Hope to see you soon!

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