Launch offer, ONLY L$325!!!

This dress has been inspired by my mother, Carmen. A spanish woman daring, bold, full of energy and strength. This dress tries to show that personality in the use of a fabric so sophisticated and eye-catching as is the velvet. In this case, velvet embroidered with flowers. The skirt has been made with this velvet and a second layer of tulle and lace.

The combination of these fabrics give this dress a confident and slight flow.

To complete the outfit we include a shawl in satin and tulle, topped with a brooch with flowers and feathers.

Items included:
Glitch Pants
Double layer Skirt
Sculpted Shawl with flowers and feather (Scripted for easy re-size and perfect fit)

Carmen comes in Black, Blue, Red, Pink, Turquoise and Green

ONLY L$325 each. I'll see you there: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Etherea/116/50/1202 Hurry!!!

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