Corina and Zoe: Unforgettable!

This haute couture gown will turn heads every time you wear it! Featuring and embroidery and intrincate pattern all over the top and skirt will make you shine. A magnificent skirt flows around you in a very smooth way as you walk or dance. The sophisticated "touch" is the majestic fan piece that will framed your body feauring metallic spikes in gold with some embroidery semi-transparent fabric intertwined the metal pieces.

Corina has been made in Ruby, Sapphire, Nougat, Noir, Purple and Emerald.

Our new Hairstyle made for "Corina" . This new hairstyle has a simple look and oriental flavour. It includes a set of hair sticks that will attach on a separate attacment point so you can decide when to combine it with this hair or maybe with some other hairstyles. It also comes with a Texture changer Menu. When you toch your sticks it will let you choose between six different metal textures: Silver, Gold, Black, Red, Copper and Platinum. Really helpful to make it match with your jewelry.
Demos available too.

Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Etherea/108/76/1366

Romantic "Alice"

"Alice"; exclusive release for The International Modelling Convention 2010 is finally available at Main Store!
This romantic gown has been made in soft delicate colors featuring a sculpted top with a black belt and double layer skirt with a gradient shade thats goes from a sof color to black. Many delicate flowers float at the end of the skirt on multiple layers.
Alice comes in Blak & White, the opposite version in White & Black, and it also comes in Black & Lilac, Black & Champagne and Black & Sky Blue.

Location: slurl.com/secondlife/Etherea/108/76/1366


Release tomorrow @ The IMC2010

"Corina" and "Alice". Exclusive releases for The International Modelling Convention 2010 will be reveal tomorrow at the Grand Finale Fashion Show. PurpleMoon has the honor to be the brand that will be closing this wonderful event tomorrow, Sunday 26th, 4 PM SLT.

Thank you Valeria Endrizzi for these amazing pictures and thank you Wicca Merlin and dancer Dallagio for posing for us. It's wonderful to work with you =)

"Catherine" Yves St Laurent Tribute

Second Life’s leading couture designers pay homage to fashion legend Yves St Laurent in this dazzling finale to BOSL Fashion Week 2010.
"Catherine" was part of this tribute this morning at this spectacular parisian inspired set. An unforgettable show were the wonderful Wicca Merlin walked the runway wearing this creation.

An amazing honor for me to be part of this fashion week among with the greatest designers and models in the grid.

"Catherine" will be now available at Main Store: slurl.com/secondlife/Etherea/108/76/1366


New Group Gift @ PurpleMoon!

We have a new GROUP GIFT available at Main Store. Part of the upcoming new FALL/WINTER COLLECTION 2010. A cozzy outfit that includes a black sweater and classic jeans with a "twist" on the cuffs. Hope you enjoy it! Remember to wear your group tag while touching the board.

Inworld Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Etherea/108/76/1366

New release: Farash!

*Farash* has arrived to PurpleMoon

Our designer SilverMoon Indigo, has released this beautiful dress in a bohemian chic style. Combining lace and colorful silk, with two skirt options. Perfect for a day out at the sun. Think of the 60´s and you'll see what I mean =)
More colors will come soon!

Inworld Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Etherea/108/76/1366




New release: Gator

Gator was a big success on the recent Platinum Hunt. After that, we submitted it to Linden Labs to be included on the Fashion LookBook Fall 2010 and it got chosen!
Now, we release all the remaining colors that we had planned for this outfit. This dress has been made using a fabric that resembles the skin of a lizard. The bright color of the fabric gives the dress a sophisticated effect, daring and avant-garde. The zip in the front and stripes on the sides add some sort of sporting look to it. A very daring mix of glamour and avant garde couture.
Inworld Location: slurl.com/secondlife/Etherea/108/76/1366


PurpleMoon Fashion Show - Sept 12th 2010 4 PM SLT

Organized by N&Y Model Agency, this show promises to be outstanding!
Beautiful models, glamorous runway and our most wonderful gowns. Hosted in portuguese and english.
Gifts, catalogue, great music, after party and machinima will be recorded.
Be part of this amazing event with all our team!


NOH8 “Silence for Equality” Fashion Show

Following on the tradition in which NO H8 was built, “Silence for Equality” is a fashion show with outfits entirely in white, where each model will wear the platinum duct tape on their mouths and the NO H8 Face print in their right cheek.

September 11th, 2010 Noon SLT

Blackliquid Tokyosk
Cieleste Magic
Dixie Halfpint
Hadaluna Daines
Katherine Comet
Lulu Breuer
Mel Endrizzi
QueenBrat Bracken
StarliteStarbrite Constellation
Vikeejeah Xevion

Andreas Barrowstone
Angelik Lavecchia
Bloodwain Arun
Didier Rascon
Drae Dinzel
Josh Askari
Lars Foulsbane
Laurent Loordes
LesPaul Ibanez
Tristan Tiaret

Models Posing throughout the show.

Valeria Endrizzi
Taellinu Aichi
Crixus Merchi
Scryer Zirgar
Chloe Panthar
Amitriel Muricaster

Fashion Designers
Alpha Angel
Angel Dessous
auTre Vintage Apparel
Attitudes Lingerie
Blue's Place
BOdy Talking
Champagne! Sparkling Fashion
House of Europe
INDI Designs
Morea Style
oOo Studio
SB Menswear
SF Designs
Sun Eskimoz
24 Shoo Shoes
3636 Designs
SpiritWeaver Jewelers

Organized by Outrageous Glamour Agency and NOH8.

Director: Matteo Bettencourt
Producer: Kattia Kaestner
Producer: LovelyMiwako7399 Menna


55L thursday @ PurpleMoon!

This week we have to great deals for you.
Releasing today new colors of our set of bangles and nails and offering a special deal on these particular sets in Brown. For only 55L each!

More colors of bangles and nails available at the second floor, check them out!


Main Store: slurl.com/secondlife/Etherea/108/76/1366