Isadora has arrived!

This versatile dress is made of flowered satin on the sculpted skirt and hat, black satin for the wonderful rose that adorns the front of the sculpted skirt, and black lycra for the tights.
We also included a leather belt with satin ruffles if you are in the mood of wearing just the tights without the skirt.

We have added a unique touch with the design of the extravagance collar, sleeves and hat, which give this dress an almost futuristic style.
To complete the look we've included one of the new hairstyles "Eka" and metal necklace and bangles to match the outfit.

Soon, this new Jewelry Collection will be available separately.

PurpleMoon Location: slurl.com/secondlife/Etherea/120/70/1200




And now......WE ARE MAKING HAIR!!!!!!

If there was something else that PurpleMoon could offer to dress you up from HEAD to toe, it had to be HAIR! We are officially releasing today the "RUNWAY HAIRSTYLE COLLECTION"

This collection was designed keeping in mind the needs of the models on the runways. Also, these hairs may be worn at any time, as you probably will not go unnoticed with these extreme designs.
We aim to achieve two major goals with this collection:
1. Offer LOW LAG hair. These hairstyles were made with the least amount of prims, the most basic shapes (you'll find some sculpties but most of the designs were made with regular prims) and we incorporated resizer scripts that can be removed once you have made the necessary adjustments in your hair.
2. Offer UNIQUE, cutting-edge, unconventional designs. Hairstyles that could only be seen at the best fashion runways, as the current trend shows.

We hope we have achieved our goals, now we hope you enjoy it.

Noir et Blanc - Round #2

This new outfit called "Uma" is one of the sexiest gowns we have ever made. It combines emroidery fabric, tulle, lace and metal pieces. Open on the left side, like a big splash of paint has landed on it and your skin was the canvas. It includes under layers made in dotted tulled that could be worn or not, it depends on how dare you are =). Sculpted roses and metal strings on your left hip and on the hair ornaments. Asymmetric skirt, layered, scripted for perfect fit. Fluffy collar around your neck AND.... WE INCLUDE THE HAIR! The matching hair is part of the purchase as well. Of course, available in Black and White.

Inworld Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Etherea/120/70/1200

Queens and brides!

Many, many customers have been asking our best seller "Serafina" in a white version. So, there we go: Serafina in Platinum has been released! Who have seen it already said that it could also be a wonderful gown for brides. Up to you ladies!
More details about Serfina here.

Inworld Location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Etherea/120/70/1200