Cherries on Top Hunt IV - A Valentine's event at PurpleMoon Creations

February 13th - February 28th, 2015 - 11:59 PM SLT
with the collaboration of Lazuri
Once again "Cherries on Top Hunt IV" brings fun and love to SL!

14 cherries have been hidden at PurpleMoon Main Store, find them and taste the sweetness of their fabulous treasures!

1- This hunt is free and open to public (no group membership required)
2- The object you are looking for is a pair of cherries with a steam and leaf on the top (like the sample located at the entrance)
3- To receive the gift, simple touch the cherries. You will be given an object that can be worn to unpack.
4- The cherries are numbered from 1 to 14.
5- There are no hints given. They are on plain sight. Very easy to find and this is more for the fun of it than anything else.
6- The cherries have been hidden INSIDE the store, upstairs and downstairs. The cherries hanging of the ceiling are an indicator that there are cherries hidden in that room. No outdoors.
7- It is MANDATORY to HAVE FUN! Bring your friends, family, loved ones and enjoy!

With love,
Poulet Koenkamp
PurpleMoon Creations

Zuri Lyric
Lazuri Jewelry


PurpleMoon at L'accessoires!

We are having more sweet newness at different events! Today I'd like to invite you to stop by L'accessoires. The theme of this month is First Love and they invited me to create not only accessories but clothes as well.
I am truly in love with this set of Raincoat and Umbrella featuring the cutest patterns ever.
Feel the love!


Exclusive Releases for Valentine's events

Exclusive Release at With Love Fair
Fantastic fair made with love all over. Please stop by and visit!


Exclusive Release at The Instruments
Another event with love in mind. Check out all the awesome creations available and try ours of course!