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Belladonna at The 24²

Sept. 5th-13th, 2014
1 Week... 98 Designers... all Limited Edition items! With only 150 being produced and sold you are not going to see these items on everyone across the grid.
This creation turned out to be a small tribute to a dear friend, our Belladonna Wexhome, Manager of PurpleMoon.
She is as unique as this dress and one of those that you don't get to meet very often. I treasure her deeply in my heart.
I experimented with materials on this one, so enjoy the ride and snap it before it is gone forever!

Purplemoon at Rock your Rack

Charity Event Raising Funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation presented by Models Giving Back
September 1 – September 15

Do not miss this event and take a look at our donations: Miss Scarlet in an exclusive color; A new release, Adele, extremely sexy business suit; a one of a kind gown "Emma" for the silent auction and a nice necklace with metal change options for the hunt at L$10 only.


PurpleMoon at The Instruments!
Back this month at this event PM is offering the previously released "Vivien" tops and maxi skirts in 7 fantastic shades.

PurpleMoon at Destocking Market & Gacha

A very cute event where you can find one of my favorites casual dresses at a very special price (L$30) and also a gacha machine with another favorite: the Cubics II jewelry sets in six colors. L$30 per try as well!


Coordinated Release PurpleMoon-Lazuri

*Miss Scarlet Gown & Marzia Jewelry Set*
Meant to be together and make you stand out! Dress and jewels were born together as a glamorous and sophisticated couple.
Do not miss this luxurious satin gown with a delicate fur stole and the intricate and asymmetric beauty of this jewelry set.
Both are coming out today 50% Off until September 3rd, 2014 - No membership required


PurpleMoon at La Metallique Fair

PurpleMoon is participating at "La Metallique Fair" organized by L’accessoires with the occasion of their anniversary.
This is the exclusive item we are offering at the fair and it will NEVER be sold again in this color after the event is over. Don't miss it!
Thanks to Magissa Denver for the wonderful picture!

New Release 50% OFF!

Drew comes out today in 7 striking colors and 50% Off for a limited time!
No membership required!
(August 16th to August 24th, 2014)


What's new at PurpleMoon

Breezy: The sexiest top of the season! Show off some curves with style and good taste by picking any of these striking colored tops! Only L$95 each!

Felicity: A timeless tunic dress with three pattern options on each one! Try the demos, only L$125 for these 3x1 dresses!

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