The Essence Of PurpleMoon

A few weeks ago, in celebration of PurpleMoon's Second Anniversary on SL, a photo contest was open to all in SL.  The theme of this contest...capture the Essence of PurpleMoon in a picture.  The winner would get a new gown named after them.   The winner of this contest was Ms. Caoimhe Lionheart. In her honor, the Caoimhe Gown was created.  This gown is simply stunning and comes in 7 gorgeous muted tones (3 of which are featured below).  It's perfect combination of Shine, Lace and Sparkle.  The gorgeous full length gown spreads out behind you in a beautiful fan like pattern. The scalloped edges are adorned with lace and crystals. The collar, a signature item in many of PurpleMoon's designs, is as dramatic as it is delicate and feminine.  

On Bella:
Hair - Monica in Caviar - Bliss Couture Hair
Hairbase - Tattooed Hairbase in Black Coal - Amacci Hair
Skin - Martina Glow Skin in Fair - LAQ
Eyelashes - Lush Extra Large - Eye Candi
Gown - Caoimhe Gown (in Champagne, La\/endar and Steel) - ::PurpleMoon::


Sixty Linden Weekends - Daisy Dress

yay! We've joined another weekly sale! This offer will ONLY run Saturday and Sunday (August 30-31). A different product will be offered each weekend for only L$60!
This fully sculpted dress includes and optional alpha mask to hide your beasts and make it fit perfectly.
Also, to see the full list of items offered grid wide, click on the kiosk next to the vendor of this dress at our store or check: Official Picasa Gallery: www.bit.ly/SixtyLindenAlbum
Happy weekend!!!!
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Caoimhe, the essence of PurpleMoon

I believe this is one of the gowns that I've enjoyed the most while creating it. The inspiration came from Caoimhe Lionheart, the winner of Essence of PurpleMoon contest. I've got the chance to get to know this lovely, sweet and tender lady who reminds me of a delicate butterfly. You will find in this dress some reminiscences of that first dress I've ever designed, Grizzelda. But this time the butterfly will be wrapping you in a big warm hug.
The elegance, magic and glamour is the essence of this gown, reflecting what PurpleMoon is and what we've found in Caoimhe.

Also!!!!!!!!!! All the poses shown in these pictures have been specially made by WetCat Flux and they are also available at our store next to the gowns, they are gorgeous!

Happy Shopping!
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Vintage Jewels @ PurpleMoon

A new addition to our Accessories Collection. A set of necklace and earrings featuring a menu with 12 metal options and 10 satin textures.
They can be found separately, in single colors, or the full set with all the options.

Happy Shopping!
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Forever Black Collection

As part of the anniversary celebrations at PurpleMoon, Poulet has released the Forever Black Collection.  The designs will be familiar to anyone who knows Poulet's work, but they are in for a surprise.  A limited number of these gowns are being released in black (a colored not available in these styles before).  Six gowns, and only 50 copies of each gown available in this stunning shade. These are a must have for any PurpleMoon Fashionista and with over 8000 members in the in world group, the lucky owners will most definitely stand out.  I myself saved up to grab a copy of Holly in Black (I own the gown in two other colors as well, that's how much I adore it).  A Forever Black Collection dress does cost more than normal, but after the last copy is sold, that's it.  They will forever be gone from SecondLife, never to be sold again.  So run down to PurpleMoon and get your hot little hands on these exquisite limited edition gowns.

On Bella:
Hair - Folie D'Etat in Noir - Vanity Hairs
Skin - Martina Glow Skin in Fair - LAQ
Eyelashes - Lush Lashes Extra Large - Eye Candi
Dress - Holly - Forever Black Limited Edition Gown - ::PurpleMoon::
Shoes - Coquette Noir Mischief Wedge in Black - Indyra Originals


Passion Fashion Agency presents PurpleMoon 2nd Anniversary Show


Passion Fashion Agency presents:

P u r p l e M o o n 2 n d A n n i v e r s a r y S h o w


Friday, July 22nd 2011, 3.00 pm SLT

PurpleMoon and the nearly 10.000 group members are celebrating the 2nd Birthday of this fantastic SL brand.

After awesome anniversary sales, a picture Contest "The Essence of PurpleMoon", and a Mega Party, the celebrations will be finished with a fantastic Fashion Show, hosted by Passion Fashion Agency.

You are cordially invited to our red carpet event starting 2.30 pm, enjoy the wonderful voice of Erin68 Frog and admire Poulet Koenkamps best Fashion on Stage showcased by Passion Models.


* Blackliquid Tokyoska
* Dancer Dallagio
* Anna Sapphire
* Diconay Boa
* Kay Fairey
* Rissa Friller
* Honey Bender
* Seashell Dench
* Draakje Dailey

Chat voice host with Edi Clarity: Florentine Rau & Falbala Fairey
Greeter models: Irina Strazytski & Chloe Panthar
Script writer: Darkevilone Demonia & Deangelo Urqhart
Show photographer: Tillie Ariantho
Stage builder: Zandy Oh
Producer: Leandra Breen
Flyer pic by Cherie Parker



Latest release @ PurpleMoon

We have a wonderful, outstanding gown fot you today! This gown has been made after Pink Sparrowhawk, she became the winner of the Styling Contest organized by Passion Fashion Agency on June 26th, 2011. Hope you enjoy this slim dress, elegant, with a headpiece included made of Marigolds that repeat on the front of the skirt. A beautiful bolero in a fine lace tops this gown to make it stand out. Elegant, classy and with some vintage flavour around.

Available at PurpleMoon Main Store
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Honorable Mentions at "The Essence of PurpleMoon" Contest

If you've read the previous post, you already know who the winners of "The Essence of PurpleMoon" Contest are. But, I personally decided to award these other pictures that were very close to the final top three. They are absolutely stunning and they deserve our recognition as well.
They will all receive one Limited Edition Gown from our Forever Black Collection as a thank you for bringing to the contest their talent, creativity and style. Please send a note to Martin414 Timeless with the gown of your choice, thank you, and congratulations!

Draakje Dailey
The Essence of PurpleMoon - Draakje Dailey

Lucretia Robbiani
The Essence of PurpleMoon - Lucretia Robbiani

Catlyn Sahara
Essence of Purplemoon - Catlyn Sahara Entry 2

kaidence Piancastellios
kaidence Piancastellios Purplemoon Contest

Teagan Torrance
"The Essence of PurpleMoon" - Teagan Torrance

Amita Yorcliffe
The Essence of PurpleMoon - Amita Yorcliffe