Feminine and Dangerous, Ivy arrives to Cosmopolitan Event today.
Sensual tight fit mini dress that can be as revealing as you like. Customize the level of transparency depending on the occasion😉 from see through to opaque with the hit of a button. Matching BOM panties also included.
Compatible with Maitreya, Legacy, Reborn, GenX Classic and Curvy
Please try DEMO, perfect fit is required!




PurpleMoon at SL20B!

Let's celebrate together 20 years of Second Life! What a milestone! We have come so far :)
Visit the venues and enjoy 25% OFF on all our items at our shop in the event.
We have a gift also for all the visitors, don't forget to grab it!




Milan is a super classy ready-to-wear outfit that includes top, capri trousers and sandals. Simply adorned with transparencies and detailed trims in 12 shades to choose from. Compatible with Maitreya, Petite, Reborn, GenX classic and Curvy. 

This is your ride to the exclusive new event where Milan is being released: The Elite Event



Amanda is our exclusive for this round of Cosmopolitan. This versatile set of tank top and mermaid linen skirt is available in multiple colors and prints. Compatible with Maitreya, Leqacy, Reborn, Genx Classic and Curvy.♥ ⭐️🌙

Separate version of the skirt only is included, compatible with our Emma blouse from a previous round.
Megapack includes 5 bonus prints! 😳



Blanche is exclusive to a new event called Enjoy SL, it will run from June 7th to July 1st.  Blanche is available in 8 colors and each one includes a HUD that allows to control different levels of materials. Compatible with Maitreya, Legacy, Reborn, Kupra, Freya, Genx Classic and Curvy. Blanche has a lot of what PurpleMoon has been known for. Lots of details with a vintage formal flair.




Chantal is a set of blouse and trousers, they can be purchased separated or together. Trousers come in 48 solid colors and the blouse in 48 colorful patterns! Mix and match or wear them with other pieces in your inventory, super versatile!
Compatible with Maitreya+Petite, Legacy+perky, Reborn, Genx Classic + Curvy

Exclusively at WIP