Child's Wish Update


I decided to revamp the two versions of "A Child's Wish" outfit I made for my daughter while ago. They both now are compatible with Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Legacy, Legacy Perky, Legacy Nerido, Reborn, Reborn Juicy, Belleza Classic, Belleza Curvy, Kupra and Kupra Kups

Like before the massive skirt is not rigged and can be resized to fit your shape. The avatar complexity runs quite high on this outfit but I hope it's well worth it!
*Please note: If you have previously purchased the original version please hit the redelivery kiosk for a free update. If your purchase was before 2022 be sure you use the station next to the vendor in the store. (BSM system and not CasperVend system)

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