Amyth, a magic winter wedding gown

In association with "Ethereal Sensations Weddings", PurpleMoon is developing a new section exclusively for brides.
Amyth is the first gown released which can be combined with many of the different bouquets ESW has to offer.

Amyth comes in White, BabyAqua and BabyPink

This magical gown was inspired in the many weddings we see on SL even on winter time! It might be the Christmas Spirit, who knows?
Actually this is a gorgeous gown that can be wear at any occasion. Feminine and elegant featuring exquisite lace and embroidery crystal organza.
It includes semi-transparent lingerie that will spice your honeymoon or that "special night" in a sassy way.


Flexi Gown featuring Embroidery Crystal Organza
Corset in Lace (Top and Bottom Pieces)
Semi - Transparent Lingerie in Lace (Undershirt and Underpants)
Stockings with Lace and Garters
Sculpted Vest in Embroidery Crystal Organza*
Sculpted Sleeves in Embroidery Crystal Organza and Lace*

EXTRA ITEM INCLUDED: A pair of "Satine" stilettos in white!!!

**Cloth Layers: TRANSFER

*Keep in mind, vest and sleeves have been made with many sculpted prims and might not fit all avatar sizes at the first try. They might need little adjustments. Thank you.

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