Be glamorous with "Glam"

This elegant "siren look" gown has been specially released for this Holiday Season.
Glam will make you look sophisticated and elegant at any kind of event, specially on balls.

Featuring satin and fine feathers in six different colors, Glam includes:

Satin Top
Satin Glitching Pants
Satin Skirt
Prim Flexi Skirt in Satin
Black Gloves
Two breathtaking collars made with the finest feathers. Both versions modifiable, and one of them scripted, for easy re-size.

**Cloth Layers: TRANSFER

To keep the prices on your budget, "Glam in Ruby" can be found on Xstreet at 50% OFF!!!

Only L$250!!! Follow this link here.

Let me remind you "Grizzelda in Red" (Special Edition) is 50% OFF as well on Xstreet. Only L$175!!!

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

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