Winning design of Round 6 at "SL's Next Top Designer"

Only three designers left! We are going to the finals!!! At this round we had to design two male outfits. This is one of them: Xavier. Already available at PurpleMoon Creations in many different colors for only L$475. Includes everything! Take a look at the pictures and the description.

Guys, we don't forget about you! We know you want to wear fancy clothes too! This is your chance! Hope you like them. Soon the second outfit will be available too. See ya!

This attire consists of a chenille sweater with sculpted turtleneck and cuffs.
Cloth pants also in the range of color, very warm, loose, with several pockets on the sides and back.These pockets are crafted with great detail on the metal buckles and straps.

Regarding the accessories, it includes a chenille cap matching the sweater, a brocade scarf stands up and highlights this outfit with a touch of glamour.It has many metal chains with flexi fringes at the end.

To complete this outfit, we added a crocodile leather cross backpack. This luxurious item has several pockets and many details to make it suitable for the urban guy needs and perfectly matches the shoes which feature crocodile leather as well.

This outfit is ideal for today's man. Casual but with attention to detail.

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