Back to the 90's with "Tartan"

Back to the 90's! Grunge fashion was one of the most significant events in 1990's. The rise of grunge fashion coincided with the rise to mainstream popularity of grunge music from Seattle. Plaid fabrics, tights, leg warmers, and layers and layers of clothes.

This outfit commemorates the grunge of the 90's. A plaid kilt in black and white with a leather belt, many pockets on the back adorned with ribbons, pins and safety pins. Underneath, black warm tights, matching stockings and leg warmers in a black knitted fabric. These leg warmers are adorned with ribbons and safety pins as well.

This outfit also includes the famous sneakers matching the plaid fabric of the skirt.

Following the multiple layer tendency, it comes with a white tank top under another black handcrafted painted top and a black fluffy jacket on the top.

Regarding the accessories, this outfit includes a sculpted bag with many pockets, ribbons, pins and metal buckles. A beautiful silver necklace lights up the face with black and silver beads. On the neck you will wear an old fashion headset, ready to listen the Nirvana's tunes on the cd player you will carry on your belt.

Ribbons and bands adorned the arms and all of it topped with a crocheted black cap. And the hair is also included!

It will be available in more colors very soon!

You can find it inworld and on Xstreet for only L$475!!!

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