It’s time to wrap up these 10 years of PurpleMoon. I would like to celebrate/close this chapter of PM with a few tributes.

First of all a humble and heartfelt tribute to an amazing creator that has been in Second Life far longer than myself and was my inspiration to open a business were I could explore my creativity and at the same time give the chance to dress well to every body in SL regardless of how much money they are willing or can spend. This woman was June Dion from Bare Rose. Thanks to her, I got a taste of wonderful fashion in my early beginnings in Sl without having to spend almost any money. I lived out of her gifts and got to purchase a few outfits thanks to the paid camping we had those days.
Inspired by her business model I decided to come up with a brand that could offer affordable and even free fashion with the best quality I could come up with.
Thank you for what you do June, for being the inspiration to many and wishing you many more years of success. 
These two outfits are being offered now at the store for $50, same price as everything else. 

My second tribute is for the people who believed in me. On these ten years of business I’ve had lots of loyal customers who have followed and supported me unconditionally.
I wish I could have made a little tribute to each of you but over 20000 gifts it’s a little bit non-achievable, right? Hence why I prepared three special releases for the Top 3 PM Customers. These ladies not only have loved the brand but they have also spent lots of money in the store. Every single Linden spent in the store by them, and all of you, has made my dream possible. Being able to live out of what I love doing is priceless and I will forever be thankful.

Thank YOU, Yhishara Cerise, Isidora Jennings and Aileene Macbeth.
Each of them have an outfit named after them that you can find in the store for $50 as well. They will receive a full pack of all colors plus a one exclusive one of a kind color for each of them. Nobody else but them will have those colors! 

Stay tune for some more surprises to come and a final calendar with timeline and closing date.
Thank you!

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  1. Oh my gosh, your final releases are my favourite yet! I couldn't pick one or two of the B.R. dress colours, I had to get all of them!! SL is truly losing one of the most unique and exceptional clothing designers it has to offer, at such wonderful prices (even before the sale!!) and I am genuinely gutted that you're leaving. I am hoping you will be around still in some capacity! Thank you for your contribution to our Second Lives. <3 HaL.