Pink Shirt Day Donation

Thanks to the support of each one of you, we reached the amount of almost US$200!
Thanks for the pictures, word of mouth, messages of encouragement, for sharing your own stories and spread the word around the grid.
We are truly touched with your response and we hope to organize this campaign again next year and keep supporting all year round.

We enclosed the following screen captures to show the amount collected and the donation sent to the CKNW Orphans' Fund in support of Boys & Girls Clubs Anti-bullying programs.

Thank you!
PurpleMoon Creations Team

Click to view the screenshots of the funds received day by day. We suggest to save the pictures in your hard drive to zoom in. Thank you.

Transaction information February 24th
Transaction information February 25th
Transaction information February 26th
Transaction information February 27th 
Transaction information February 28th
Transaction information March 1st
Transaction information March 2nd
Transaction information March 3rd
Transaction information March 4th
Transaction information March 5th

Documents proof of donation

Exchange of Linden Dollars to U$ Dollars
Conversion of U$ Dollars to Canadian Dollars
Donation Form Submitted (We added a little bit to round it up, making a total of $250+fees)
Donation Received

All this information has also been published in the page dedicated to the event here.

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