The 2nd Chance HUNT

The idea of this hunt came after receiving many, many requests about products that were given away in hunts or other events and after that they were never put on sale in the store.
So maybe you already have some of these items and maybe you missed some others and this is your second (and last) chance to grab them!
(Note that it doesn't include past group gifts or subscribers gifts, those are rewards for your loyalty and permanence in the group and they cannot be retrieve)

So, there is a total of 17 prizes hidden in the store, in the ground level and in the first floor. They look like a number 2 in light blue. They are pretty much at plain sight so no hints are given, just by walking around you should spot them right away, keep in mind, looking up and down all the time ;)

ok, these are the prizes: 

They are numbered from #1 to #17 but, of course, we don't say what contains what, part of the game is to wear, unpack and see what you got!
The hunt is open to the public, no membership required so feel free to spread the word. One big PLEASE: keep the group chat to the minimum, if you need help ask other people in the store but let's try to avoid unnecessary interruptions in the group chat. This is so easy, that please take your time to enjoy walking around, you won't need any help at all.

Hunt runs from Dec 20th to Dec 31st.

Your ride: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Etherea/168/73/22

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