PurpleMoon New Main Store

PurpleMoon is very proud to re-open the doors of the new building and we would love to invite you to stop by and celebrate with us!

While building this new store I had in mind the best customer experience possible. My motto was: "Easy to shop, easy to enjoy!" But how?

Well, first of all I came up with a very thoughtful layout. It took many days to design a structure that was at the same time functional and attractive. I actually deleted completely the first build I came up with because it was not exactly what I was after. When I started to build the current one, things started to run smooth, it was making sense. The use of many curved shapes gave me the flow I was looking for. The structure became open and airy. I added many access to each room, teleporters all over to move from anywhere to anywhere.
I am having trouble defining the style of the build, maybe because it is just my style. It combines organic shapes with a retro flavor, floats on the water and blends into the surrounded nature seamlessly. It's colorful and fun. It's an adventure to run those spiral staircases, bridges, floating platforms, pebble paths, lounge areas... there are surprises to be found all over.

I hope I have achieved my goal and this new build improves your shopping experience in a functional and enjoyable way.
Build this store was a challenge but moving the products from the old one to this one was another major task. And here is where I say thank you to my husband, Martin414 Timeless and my sister, SilverMoon Indigo for their unconditional help. They didn't only move prims around, they held me in one piece in the process. Thank you.
Thank you to my little sister Wetcat Flux, who has her store in our sim and had to put out with us being closed for almost a week. Not only she had lots of patience, she was always cheering me up and making me smile when I needed it.
And also, thank you Belladonna Wexhome who has been handling my IMs and looking after customer inquiries to relief my every day tasks.

Last but not less, my ladies. What an amazing group we have! You have being waiting patiently, keeping the chats fun and exciting, even advising customers to go to our marketplace while we were closed! You girls are the reason why PurpleMoon is what it is. You always overwhelm me in a way I can't describe. Simply, thank you.
Now, go, enjoy YOUR store!

With love,
Poulet Koenkamp

New Main Store Location: Etherea/168/73/22

PS: I almost forgot! To celebrate we are running a sale where randomly items have been marked down 25% off! You have time until November 4th, enjoy!


  1. Love the new Design and the layout of the new store, well done, very well done.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the new store. You had an amazing garden on top of the old store . . .I hope you will be making something like that somewhere in the new build.