PurpleMoon @ Vintage Fair 2012

Once again, PurpleMoon is one of the sponsors of the Vintage Fair! Finally this time of the year has come with lots of exciting products for our retro cravings!
This year I decided to look for some inspiration on those wonderful, classic, feminine suits that Chanel brought to the fashion industry back on the 20's and they became a must have in the years to come.
Every time I think of those suits, the first image who comes to my mind is the glamorous simplicity of Jacqueline Kennedy. I believe she was the one who truly knew how to get the best out of this suits with class. So here comes my humble tribute to these amazing women on the "Jackie" outfit and the "Coco" Sunglasses that I am presenting exclusively at the Vintage Fair.

Many colors have been added to the collection and all the demos can be found to try on, being MESH items, I highly recommend to try them first. Also, vest and skirt can be purchased separately to allow your mix and match fun!

I also wanted to add some fun to my collection with a terrific leather jacket inspired in the 60's and 70's. I've been thinking of getting this jacket done since we released the "Grease" inspired collection. I am happy it is finally ready!
It's also mesh and it features a nice variety of color combinations.

Come see us! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Classic/201/212/23

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