From head to Toe Hunt 2012

June 17th - July 7th

If you have been part of our Anniversary Hunt last year or even if you just have heard of it, I am sure you will not want to miss it this year!

We didn't only created a new gorgeous gown, we also created a whole new look that includes jewelry and even hair! All the items are brand new and specially made for the anniversary.

Like we did last year, this is a hunt ONLY for GROUP MEMBERS, this is our way of saying thank you to your support throughout this third year or PurpleMoon.

All the pieces of this look have been hidden in our Main Store inside little silver pearls, there is a sample one right at the entrance of the store. Each time you find a pearl simple touch it and receive its contents. Remember you MUST be wearing your PurpleMoon VIP tag.

We are providing a list of HINTS at the end of this note, please read carefully, think out of the box and keep the chat on group to the MINIMUM. We want this event to be fun for everybody, so please, don't provide locations on chat. Play Fair!

Poulet Koenkamp &
PurpleMoon Creations Team

* Prizes have been hidden inside silver pearls.
* There are 14 pearls to be found. Each one has a number so you can easily track the ones you are missing.
* Must wear the PURPLEMOON VIP tag.
* TOUCH the pearl to receive the contents in a folder in your inventory.
* There are 9 pearls hidden at the First/Main Floor, 3 pearls on the Second Floor/Upper level and 2 pearls in the BOHO House. (Outside the Main Store across the garden)



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  1. When it comes to style - nobody beats Poulet! This hunt is a prime example of her generosity - the dress and accessories are fabulous. I have never been on a hunt at PM that didn't yield exquisite prizes. If you're not a member of the group - you simply must join. The benefits are amazing, the people are friendly, and the deals can't be beat!