White Christmas Specials - Limited Jewelry

It has been a wonderful year in so many ways. One of things I've enjoyed the most in sl this year was to develop my creativity in two amazing projects. The Jewelry Fair and the Vintage Fair. Both events allowed me to explore a side of me, that has been always present but I haven't dedicated much time to it until now.
I've found an amazing time creating pieces of jewelry, quite simple in their design but with lots of details and hours of work in textures. I went to my beginings in SL as a builder and I've been shuffling prims all over my workshop. I can say I've found a new passion.
This is why I recreated most of the pieces I released this year in a "White Christmas" theme. You will find platinum, silver, white woods, opals, etc in very light icy shades.
Almost all these 10 sets have been set up for less than 50% off its regular price. Each seet can be found for only L$100, same price for all of them. And to make this collection a little more special, we are offering a llimited amount of 77 copies per set. (yeah, 77 is unusual, but 7 is my fav number! =P)
They will look awesome on the holiday season matching casual and formal wear. They could also become great gifts for your friends using the Gift option on the menus.
While quantity last, here they are!

Your limo to PurpleMoon lobby


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