PurpleMoon: A Moon-Lit Path to Fashion

PurpleMoon: A Moon-Lit Path to Fashion
by Leda Carter
A lesson I learned early on in my SLife was: do not shop late at night. It turned out that my late-night shopping trips were mostly regrettable the next day. However, there have been rare mornings when I have been amazed by my find and have returned. PurpleMoon Creations was such a find, late at night, with a dear friend who is taking an extended break from SL, Luzy Nitely. And if you know anything about me and my taste, you know that I like wild hair, which is what attracted me to the outfit above – my first purchase at PurpleMoon. I have repeatedly been impressed by the good quality and the reasonable prices at the store. It was also the place that restored my trust in Member Gifts where they are truly gifts, not left-overs from a build that went wrong. Yes, yes, my PM folder in my inventory is fairly large.

PurpleMoon, which opened its doors in 2009, is celebrating two years of fashion this month. There could not be a better occasion to seek out the creator, Poulet Koenkamp, to learn more about the mind behind the design. She has been particularly busy recently because she just opened BohoRoom, a room adjacent to PurpleMoon, dedicated to more casual bohemian style. Poulet was kind enough to give me time amid her busy schedule. She is friendly, funny, and down-to-earth.


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