Edelweiss - MVW National Gown

I had the honor of design the National Gown for Miss Germany, Leandra Breen, to be worn at Miss Virtual World Final Show.
I wanted this to be the first release of 2011. I worked along with Leandra looking for inspiration for this gown. There is a flower in Germany called "Edelweiss", Leandra described it as a "delicate and strong" flower. It grows in the winter on the top of the mountains. Many stories tell that if a gentleman offers an edelweiss to a lady is a proof of absolutely true love, because of being so hard to find.
Leandra is a delicate, strong and romantic woman who inspired me to create this gown.
Hope you enjoy the flowing and magic of this dress as much as she did on the final show of Miss Virtual World.

She wore the black version and I added four more colors for you to choose, red, green, blue and purple.

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