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This blog is currently under construction. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you!


Free Summer Dress @ PurpleMoon

Lovely ladies, we hope you love this gift as much as we do. A beautiful summer dress, femenine and delicate. Please take a look at the picture and remember to wear your group tag when touching the sign.



PurpleMoon @ Friday Night Talkshow TONIGHT

Lovely ladies and gentlemen,

We will be guests tonight at Wurlitzer Seisenbacher's Friday Night Talkshow. It will be a Live/Voice show at 9:30 PM SLT.
Featuring clothing designs, fashion hits and our recent sales rank on XSTREET.

We have important announcements tonight and some free gifts for the audience.

Hope to see you all there!

SilverMoon Indigo & Poulet Koenkamp


PurpleMoon is seeking a “Dream Team”

Positions Available: Manager and Models

If you are interested in fashion, advertising, business, or even if you just enjoy being a part of the PurpleMoon Dream Team and you'd like to help out, this may be a great opportunity for you.

Please read carefully the requirements of each job offer before submitting your resume.

* Position: Manager (male or female)

You must be dedicated, enthusiastic and hold a professional attitude, while remaining friendly and approachable. Excellent communication skills are a must. Ideally you will have previous experience, be at least 6 months old, and hold a strong interest in second life fashion and design.

Requirements for Candidate:
* Languages: English
* Communicates effectively.
* Experienced in the field of SL Fashion (preferably).
* Self motivated, reliable and trustworthy.
* Is familiar with posting on Group Notices and sites such as Moolto, Twitter, Blogger, etc.
* Flexible schedules, minimum 3 hours per day required.
* Must use voice for meetings or chats.
* Personal ability to lead and motivate a model team.
* Implement weekly and monthly sales plans and promotions.
* Coordinating and advertising events and contests.
* Willing to undergo a 1 month trial.

If you are interested in being part of our “Dream Team”, joining a well respectable brand, then please forward your RESUME via notecard or email (below) entitled “Manager Position – (Your Name)” to Poulet Koenkamp.

Include the professional experience together with a brief personal description, and also, your desired salary.

Suitable applicants will be shortlisted for an interview. Please send resumes by 26th April.

* Position: Dream Models (only female, for now)

We are seeking models, either experienced or those that want to be models. PurpleMoon models will work as live models, greeters and they will be invited to be part of occasional photo sessions to feature PurpleMoon designs. These pictures will be part of PurpleMoon catalogues and ads.

Requirements for Candidates:

* Minimum 3 months old
* Excellent presence
* Knowledge of English language.
* Good with customer service tasks.
* Enjoy being a part of a team.
* Must use voice for meetings or chats.
* Possess a genuine interest in what PurpleMoon Creations is about.
* Be willing to undergo a 1 month trial.

We offer a maximum of 6 hours per week on the pose stands modeling PurpleMoon designs, greeting and assisting customers. You will get a “welcome gift bag” with some of our designs to be worn as you model. Also you will get payed in cash and bonus in merchandise.

If you are interested in being part of our “Dream Team”, getting exposure for your career and work in a friendly “no drama” environment, you are the one we are looking for.

Please forward your RESUME via notecard or email (below) entitled “Model Position – (Your Name)” to Poulet Koenkamp.

Include in your resume, your time available, languages, and 2 full permission photos (Face Shot and Full Body Shot). Include previous experience, if you have, and Portfolio online, if you have.

Suitable applicants will be shortlisted for an interview. Please send resumes by 26th April.

Thank you for your attention,

Poulet Koenkamp & SilverMoon Indigo
PurpleMoon CEO/Founders/Designers
Moolto Group:
Flickr Pool:


Classics with a swirl

Joan is the first outfit released of the "Noir et Blanc Collection"
This collection is part of a personal exploration, a search for new possibilities with the always classic dresses, black and white.
You will find this collection an eclectic mix of traditional elements like feathers, chiffon and silk, along with flexible metal pieces and almost impossible transparencies.
A new concept for the classics in your wardrobe.

Joan includes Top and bottoms in all layers. Gloves and Stockings.
Flowers on the front are made in three different attachment spots, wear all of them for better results.
Three Skirt Options, Mini, Long, and Mini & Long Combined.
Skirt Trail.
Resizer scripts included.
**Cloth Layers: TRANSFER

Available at Main Store:

For queens only!

Serafina is the first outfit released of the "Regal Collection"
This collection is the representation of a queen's wardrobe. The fineness of the fabrics, the elegance of the curves, the exaltation of the beauty of women.
Inroads for the first time in the Haute Couture, we hope to satisfy the wishes of the woman who wants to look radiant, unique and elegant.

Serafina comes in Sapphire, Ruby, Gold, Amethyst, Onix and Emerald.
Available at Main Store:

Serafina includes Top and Correction Pants in different layers. Sculpted skirt with an easy resizer script. Two options of collars with and without flowers.
Flexi Skirt in four different attachments spots for more realistic effect. No need to wear all of them, choose what it's best for you.
Resizer scripts included.
**Cloth Layers: TRANSFER


Coming Soon...


Clarisse: The spring itself

Be the Spring with Clarisse. Six colors to choose and the capeline is included in your purchase. Have a wonderful day outdoors with this wonderful outfit. It wouldn't surprise me if some butterflies start to follow you!
Inworld Location:


Pretty Betty

* Betty * L$375 each color (INCLUDES: dress, leather belt, necklace and shoes)

Betty is a beautiful combination of retro and chic. The pattern on the fabric take us to the 60s while the leather belt and shoes, add a glamouros touch to this outfit.
To complete this ensemble we created what we called a fun necklace made with "bubbles". Many spheres in gold and different colors give this outfit a complete retro fashion look.

Betty comes in six different colors, where the shoes and necklaces are always different, they intend to match perfectly with the colors of the dresses.

The Fat Pack includes complete six dresses (all layers), six necklaces and six pairs of shoes *Haru* in Teal, Sienna, Brown, Pink, Gold and Black. many other colors of these shoes are available for L$150.

Available at Main Store:


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