For queens only!

Serafina is the first outfit released of the "Regal Collection"
This collection is the representation of a queen's wardrobe. The fineness of the fabrics, the elegance of the curves, the exaltation of the beauty of women.
Inroads for the first time in the Haute Couture, we hope to satisfy the wishes of the woman who wants to look radiant, unique and elegant.

Serafina comes in Sapphire, Ruby, Gold, Amethyst, Onix and Emerald.
Available at Main Store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Etherea/120/70/1200

Serafina includes Top and Correction Pants in different layers. Sculpted skirt with an easy resizer script. Two options of collars with and without flowers.
Flexi Skirt in four different attachments spots for more realistic effect. No need to wear all of them, choose what it's best for you.
Resizer scripts included.
**Cloth Layers: TRANSFER

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