PurpleMoon’s “Ayame” – An O-Glam Exclusive

PurpleMoon‘s latest creation, “Ayame” hits stores on November 11th.

However, to get it early PurpleMoon has made it exclusive, and for the very first time in history releasing it outside the main store ahead of schedule.

We are pleased to present you with this amazing gown “Ayame”, inspired by the lovely colors of Canada’s autumn.

It is available exclusively at O-Glam Agency starting midnight SLT (November 9th), before it is released anywhere else on the grid!

With a view like this, Poulet Koenkamp, the creative genius behind PurpleMoon‘s creations, no doubt is surrounded by nothing less than natures most inspiring influences. She skillfully draws upon them and is able to create timeless outfits, time after time after time.

This high quality brand is able to provide women with the BEST fashion has to offer, and always at affordable prices.

“Ayame” comes in eight (8)…count ‘em….eight (8) colors. Two out of the collection are bridal shades, but hell…I never got mad seeing a sexy lady walking down the street in white. But that’s just me.

Inclusive in each set is a perfectly assembled string of pearls. It perfectly compliments this gown and from what I have seen a few others gowns in PurpleMoon’s arsenal, so don’t be shy as it can be purchased seperately as well here.

So hurry now and be one of the first to own this and a few other things exclusive to O-Glam.

Drae Dinzel
O-Glam Agency

Be the first: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Royal%20Knight/158/158/2

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