First Round Winner

at "SL Next Fashion Designer Challenge" organized by Model with Curves Fashion District

Have you ever watched "Project Runway" on TV? Well, this is what this challenge is about. We get a different task everyweek. The show takes place on Sunday where one designer is eliminated and another one wins the round. And it keeps going till they find the "SL NEXT TOP FASHION DESIGNER" There are prices involved for the designers and the models who work with us along the competition.

The first task was about designing two Voudeville outfits to be worn by Jenn & Christian, a seductive duo known as "The Sugar Dames" and also a suit design for the male band members. They will were these outfits on their next concert!!!

And.... I won the first round!!!! I still cannot believe it!!!! There are so many amazing designers in this competition that I couldn't believe it!
Let's see what it comes next! I'll keep you posted about "The Sugar Dames" Concert, and also we are displaying this awarded design at our store PurpleMoon Creations You might wanna take a look!!!

Next elimination round will be on Sunday 27th. I will post the LM as soon as I get the location.
Woot!!! This is so exciting!!!! I hope to see you all there!

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